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Top Questions

I want the latest and greatest software, how do I get it?

We are glad you asked! To get our latest software, please first perform a reset of your device, then upgrade the software. You can follow along in our videos below.

Device Reset Video

Device Upgrade Video

Why can't I connect...I am on the WiFi??

Please update the date and time of your device. That should get things going for you.

My player won't turn on.

Not to worry!! The batteries discharge over time to prevent damage to the player. Just plug it in for 30 minuets then hold down the power button for up to 10 seconds. You should be good to go!

Of course, if this doesn't work please reach out to us.

I lost the charging cable, what do I do?

Order one from us from the accessories on our store.

Tell me more about this 30 days issue

Why do I need to connect to Wifi every 30 days?

The short answer is because of licensing issues with the streaming companies. No matter the device or the service, they all want to confirm every 30 days to make sure your subscription is still active. This is also how artists get paid for their work being used.

What's the longer answer?

The longer answer is that you don't need to reconnect to WiFi to continue to listen to music that you own (ie. bought from iTunes, downloaded from somewhere else, or ripped from CD). After 30 days, these songs will continue to be able to play while the downloads "rented" from the streaming service will not.

So I can still listen to something at the end of 30 days?

Yes, as long as you download owned music to the device before camp you will be good to go!

Why doesn't my camp just provide WiFi for one day?

Great question! A lot of them are. We are working closely with camps to overcome this hurdle on a camp by camp basis. If you don't know if your camp is going to do this, please reach out to us and we can let you know if they are on our list. You can also call your camp to find out and if they haven't heard of us yet, feel free to connect them to us to find out more.

Can't I just connect my device to my parents phone on visiting day?

Yes you can! It only takes a few minutes to renew the licenses.

Whats the difference between Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music?

That's another great question. They are all a little different but basically the same. Each one has it's own benefits and so it mostly comes down to what you're used to. We have found that Spotify seems to be the easiest to use, but of course we have been using it for many years.

Other Questions

When will I get my order?

You will have your order delivered to you based on the shipping speed you choose. Orders made after 12pm EST ship the next day. So for 3 days delivery, it would be:

Ordered 9:30am EST Monday -> Order ships Monday -> Order Arrives by Thursday

Ordered 12:30pm EST Monday -> Order ships Tuesday -> Order Arrives by Friday

These are best guesses by us. Once your order is in the hands of the shipping carrier, we have very little control.

What if I want to return it?

No problem. We’re sad you don’t want it, but we understand. If you contact us at within 30 days of receiving your order, we will happily give you our return address. We do not however provide free return shipping. Opened returns are subject to a $25 restocking fee that will be assessed on a case by case basis.

How many songs can the player hold?

Our device has 16GB of memory. Thats 3000+ songs plus a couple audio books. We recommend that if you are going to use the SD card slot, to use them to store your audio books and keep your music on the player’s main hard drive.


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