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The music player designed for summer camp.

It used to be simple. A walkman and a few cassette tapes would get your summer camp experience jamming. Then the iPod and streaming services made things really complex . Camps allow music players that are either outdated and difficult to find or just don’t exist…Until now.

Campfire 1 Campfire 2
Listening Time 4+ Hours 20+ Hours
Standby Time 18+ Hours 4 Days
Storage 16gb 32gb
Screen 4in 640p Screen 4.2 1080p
Wifi Supported 2.4GHz 2.4GHz and 5GHz
Bluetooth 5.0 5.0
Number of Songs 3,000 7,000
Form Factor Original Design Redesigned for 2024
OS CampfireOS 3.0 (4.0 coming in May) CampfireOS 4.0
Audio Connection Headphone Jack and Bluetooth Headphone Jack and Bluetooth

Spend summer discovering a whole world of music

We designed the Campfire Player with summer camp in mind. We provide an amazing listening experience that kids are used to. Utilizing apps like Spotify™, Amazon Music™ , and Apple Music™, campers can stream and save their music to the Campfire Player and enjoy their music all summer long.

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A screen without distractions.

Our Android OS is specially designed to limit the time kids are staring at their screens. We’ve gotten rid of all the stuff that keeps kids glued to their screens. No games, no cameras, no browsers, no video* and certainly no social media applications. We’ll give your child all the music they crave without letting them miss out on camp.

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